Hoop! There It Is


My Story

Hoop! There It Is came about through my passion of working with people, both children and adults, within the special needs field, schools and through the community; showing ways of enhancing our bodies and minds through hula hooping.

In winter, 2011, I had reached my highest weight of 180 pounds, at 5 feet tall. I knew I needed to work out, but I wasn't thrilled about the thought of going to a gym. I didn't necessarily want to feel like I was working out! Hula hoop dancing for fitness had been introduced to me the prior summer, when I attended a concert and saw a woman using a hoop as a dance prop. At the time, my thought was, "I only wish I could do that." I decided to buy a hoop and give hooping for fitness a shot. Since then, hooping has become more than just my daily work out. I've lost over thirty pounds, and have gained so much confidence. I now am so proud to be able to introduce this awesome form of exercise and self-expression to others.


Sharing my passion

As a hula hoop coach, my goal is to use my social work background, my knowledge and experience from within the human service field, and my education as a certified hula hoop coach to share with you how hula hooping can be beneficial to the physical body as well as the mind. 

 Through my practice and training, I conduct 4/6/8 week Hoop Fitness & Dance Sessions-choreographed specifically to the class level. I also specialize in group sessions, 1:1 sessions, school events, after school programs, craft fairs, community events and more.

I specialize in working with those with special needs, the developmentally disabled, seniors, and youth and adults within schools, day programs, and residential homes. I'm currently completing my bachelors in social work from Salem State University; expected Spring 2018.